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Correspondance d'Ampère, Lettre L947

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Faraday, Michael      à      Ampère, André-Marie

M. Ampère, &c &c &c
Royal Institution, 4 mai 1833

My dear Sir

It gives me very great pleasure at all times to have the honor of a letter or even a verbal message from you but that pleasure was on the occasion of your last letter mixed with pain that I should inadvertently have grieved you. I am extremely indebted to you for your kindness in putting me right and as I had a paper in the press I instantly stopped the printer's progress and applied to the President His Royal Highness the Duke of Sussex and obtained leave to attach a note to the paper amending my error (1). I have also urged the printer forward that I might procure a copy of the note which I now send to you and I hope you will find it every thing that you wished for. I am exceedingly sorry for my mistake but when you have read the note I am sure you will not be surprised at it.
Occupation presses on me to such a degree that I have barely time now to write these few words and I think I may therefore assume that the note will answer the greater part of your letter.
I am delighted to find that you are experimenting on the subject and shall be quite anxious to read your paper on the action of heat. From what you state I should suppose the effects are altogether new but shall scrupulously refrain from making the experiments or even thinking on the matter until I see your results.
I am still at work and shall send you papers as they come out. I have just sent in one - (my fourth series of experimental researches) on a new law of Electric conduction (2) to the Royal Society but it has not yet been read. I have another in hand but the experiments are incomplete (3).
Wishing you full recovery of health & spirits that you may still vigorously & successfully pursue what I know gives you such delight and is to you a source of so much honor
I am
My Very dear Sir
Yours Most faithfully

M. Faraday

(1) FARADAY, Michael. “Experimental Researches in Electricity. Third Series. Identity of
Electricities derived from different sources. Relation by measure of common and voltaic
Electricity”, Philosophical Translations of the Royal Society, 1833, 123, p. 23-54.
(2) FARADAY, Michael. “Experimental Researches in Electricity. Fourth Series. On a new Law
of Electric Conduction. On Conducting Power Generally”, Philosophical Translations of the
Royal Society
, 1833, 123, p. 507-522.
(3) FARADAY, Michael. “Experimental Researches in Electricity. Fifth Series. On
Electro-Chemical Decomposition”, Translations of the Royal Society, 1833, 123, p.

Lettre publiée dans Frank A. J. L. James (ed.), The Correspondence of Michael Faraday, London: IEE, vol. 2 (1831-1840), 1993, Letter 660, p.132
  Source de l'édition électronique de la lettre :
JAMES, Frank A. J. L. (ed.). The Correspondence of Michael Faraday, London: IEE, vol. 2 (1831-1840), 1993, Letter 660, p.132

  Autre source de la lettre : original manuscrit
Londres, Institution of Electrical Engineers Manuscript, Special Collection 3 [note de Franck JAMES]

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Lien de référence : http://www.ampere.cnrs.fr/amp-corr947.html

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