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Correspondance d'Ampère, Lettre L944

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Faraday, Michael      à      Ampère, André-Marie

M. Ampère, &c &c
Royal Institution, Dec. 24th 1830

My dear Sir

Having a few moments to spare from the continual business which oppresses me, I secure them to write a few words to you not that I have any particular scientific news to tell you but to acknowledge your constant kindness in sending me copies of your papers, to answer a letter of yours which I have had on my desk before my eyes many weeks for that purpose and to exchange feelings of kindness & friendship with you at the same time that I express my respect for you. I can never forget that the commencement of the kindness I have always experienced from French philosophers was by M. Hachette sending me a copy of your first papers on Electro-magnetism - I knew neither him nor you directly at that time and the favour was so much the more valuable. Whenever Mr. Underwood is in London, he tells me all about your health and your unwearied pursuit of Science. I wish there were more labourers like you and I wish I were more worthy of your companionship; but I live in hopes I shall deserve a little more praise.
I trust you received the copy of my paper on glass? (1) I am anxious to complete that investigation and then proceed to some other branch of enquiry.
I do not know when I shall be able to see France but I do look for that pleasure some time: till when and always I am
My dear Sir
Your Obliged & faithful Servant

M. Faraday

(1) FARADAY, Michael. «On the manufacture of Glass for optical purposes», Philosophical
Translations of the Royal Society
, 1830, 120, p. 1-57.

Lettre publiée dans Frank A. J. L. James (ed.), The Correspondence of Michael Faraday, London: IEE, vol. 1 (1811-1831), 1991, Letter 471, pp. 539-540
  Source de l'édition électronique de la lettre :
JAMES, Frank A. J. L. (ed.). The Correspondence of Michael Faraday, London: IEE, vol. 1 (1811-1831), 1991, Letter 471, pp. 539-540

  Autre source de la lettre : original manuscrit
Cambridge (Massassuchets), Houghton Library, Harvard University, Faraday Autograph Letter File [note de Franck JAMES]

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Lien de référence : http://www.ampere.cnrs.fr/amp-corr944.html

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